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Traversing Costa Rica

I’ve been talking about a new “big” adventure for a while. It’s been more than three years since I was in the Arctic Circle, and while moving to Australia and completing the country’s highest urban abseil have kept me occupied, … Continue reading

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Guest post: Low Ropes

Today’s blog is a guest post from Marz of Shutter and Ink fame. Marz is a tiny bit cool. She’s a writer, photographer and the kind of all-round adventurer you’d want on your side in a zombie apocalypse. I’ve been … Continue reading

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The Successful and the Passionate: An Interview with Peter Lubbers

It seems to me that people who are passionate and successful in one area of their life are often just as passionate in other areas. In this interview series “The Successful and the Passionate” I will talk to some successful … Continue reading

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Guest blog post from Anna Shields: The London Marathon for Mind

Today’s blog post comes from the very talented and inspirational Anna Shields. Anna is co-founder and musical director of Starling Arts. This month, Anna ran the London Marathon for the first time. This is her story. This time two years … Continue reading

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A new year begins

It’s turned biting cold in London this week. It’s funny. It’s winter, it’s England, and yet we’re surprised that it’s cold. England has a way of doing this to you — it gives you unseasonable weather, and then when you’re … Continue reading

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Help save the docks for public use

East London became the focus of the world’s attention this summer with the Olympics in Stratford.  Many people hoped that the inspiring spirit of the Olympics would long continue. It seems that for Newham council the future of sport isn’t … Continue reading

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Sometimes fires don’t go out when you’re done playing with them

Adventuring has been quiet of late. For the entire month of October, I didn’t leave the country — and it seems strange that it has become normal for me to be packing up and flying out, dashing from one place … Continue reading

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Chasing the Dragons

The Year of the Dragon is off to a strong start, with two training sessions now attended (and, most importantly, completed). I was slightly disappointed that after my first training meeting with the illustrious Thames Dragons I then had to … Continue reading

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The year of the dragon: a new adventure starts here

It seems that maybe a new adventure sometimes comes along when you’re not looking for one. Since before I even went to deepest, darkest Norway on my Arctic Adventure, I was thinking about what would be next.  The idea of … Continue reading

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New Adventure Needed!

“We were brought up on the Space Race, now they expect you to clean toiletsWhen you’ve seen how big the world is, how can you make do with this?” Pulp “Glory Days” With the Arctic Adventure truly over, and the … Continue reading

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