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17,296km of adventure

It’s a brand new year once again. And while every month and every day is, obviously, a new day for starting an adventure, I think we can’t help but consider each January as a clean sheet of paper. A chance … Continue reading

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The Strokes know when you drop your pace

On Sunday morning, the water in the Royal Albert Dock was calm and flat, and reflected the sky like a mirror. Sunday mornings in Docklands are unusually peaceful.  London City airport doesn’t begin operating until midday, and the only other … Continue reading

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Chasing the Dragons

The Year of the Dragon is off to a strong start, with two training sessions now attended (and, most importantly, completed). I was slightly disappointed that after my first training meeting with the illustrious Thames Dragons I then had to … Continue reading

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I like my corner of London

I like my corner of London. It might not be very exciting, and sometimes I feel like it lacks character of other places in the east end — and it is like a foreign country compared to west and south … Continue reading

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