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The year of the dragon: a new adventure starts here

It seems that maybe a new adventure sometimes comes along when you’re not looking for one. Since before I even went to deepest, darkest Norway on my Arctic Adventure, I was thinking about what would be next.  The idea of … Continue reading

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DAY 3: Souluvombi – Lappujavri

The second night in the Arctic had brought more displays of the Aurora Borealis — and I had found the right settings on my camera to try and capture them. We woke early the next morning for what promised to … Continue reading

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DAY 2: Gargia – Souluvombi

From the notebook: “Today has been incredible! It was a late start, and a hearty breakfast — after feeding 70-something hungry huskies. The dogs went off like a rocket; through the woods and down the trail — there’s no need … Continue reading

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A new year for adventure

It’s a brand new year, Adventure-seekers! And do you know what this means? No, not New Year resolutions — but that the Great Arctic Fundraisng Adventure is now a matter of weeks away! No longer is it “next year”, but … Continue reading

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Run Dem Crew

Run Dem Crew was formed in east London in 2007 by a runner and writer called Charlie Dark — less than five years on the running club he started has more than 100 members, with some now forming spin-off groups … Continue reading

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Fundraising adventures

What’s new with the Flat-Footed Adventurer and my Great Arctic Fundraising Adventure?  Actual Fundraising has taken up a lot of my time, pre-adventure recently. In the last few months I have spent entire days collecting in National Rail stations Paddington … Continue reading

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What are you thinking?

Every now and then I have a “What are you thinking?” moment and the enormity of the Arctic challenge hits me.  In that moment it’s like I realise my place in the universe, how small I am, and at what tremendous … Continue reading

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Show your support

Show your support for The Flat-Footed Adventurer — please place this html on your blog or website: <a href=’’ target=’_blank’><img width=”300″ height src=”″></a> Drop me a comment when you have it, and I will link back to you –or display … Continue reading

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Adventure is out there

Preparations for the Great Arctic Fundraising Adventure have got into full swing this week — and hardly a minute too soon. Donations via the Just Giving page have reached £220 this week. It might seem like a slow start, but … Continue reading

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Mon amour, l’aventure commence

It’s official. I signed up.  I paid my money, I filled out the form, and I signed up. The Great Arctic Fundraising Adventure starts here. I saw the doctor last week, and it was probably one of the fastest check-ups … Continue reading

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