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Down in the Sand

Bells Beach in Point Samson doesn’t show up on Google maps. After several attempts to reach the beach that hit private roads or entrances to mine sites, I arrived at the sand of a pristine and deserted shore. Shortly after … Continue reading

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Bleed for your ‘burb: the flat-footed adventurer and street hockey

It’s a Thursday night, and I’m playing hockey on the roof of a multi-story car park. To understand how I got here, you have to know that I declared 2013 “the Year of the Dragon.” You see, that was an … Continue reading

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The Adventure to Save the Turtle

I got to thinking, after my last post. With the up-front cost of Costa Rica so insurmountable, it struck me that I needn’t travel so far for adventure. Australia is this incredible, vast and diverse country. I have barely even … Continue reading

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Going Over the Edge

See that speck, second from the right? That’s me, totally abseiling down the tallest building in Western Australia. For the record, it’s also the highest urban abseil in Australia. I wrote last month about how I was taking this “plunge” … Continue reading

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Tell me your passions

For some time, I have been interviewing user group organisers (community managers each of them, no matter what their day job is) about their groups. I’ve been fortunate enough to interview leaders of groups like the London Java Community (upwards … Continue reading

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Ice flow; nowhere to go

In this video, Howard Moon explains what it is about the Arctic that can get to a man…in the form of a song. As a sidenote, does anyone know where I can get my own Vince Noir style glam rock … Continue reading

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Fundraising underway — although slowly — and ways you can help

Donations to the Great Arctic Fundraising Adventure are at time of writing a little shy of £500, which is quite impressive in the time since I signed up.  However, it’s nearly September now and I need to be raising on … Continue reading