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A challenge in review, and a new adventure ahead

The Year of the Dragon hasn’t been entirely a success. I have raced with the team. Trained with the team in the winter with the freezing water. Worn bandanas in the summer when training with the team to stop stinging … Continue reading

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A new year begins

It’s turned biting cold in London this week. It’s funny. It’s winter, it’s England, and yet we’re surprised that it’s cold. England has a way of doing this to you — it gives you unseasonable weather, and then when you’re … Continue reading

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2012: a year in review

“It occurred to me the other day the Age of Aquarius is supposed to have begun. Everyone thinks it’s going to be this new age — I hope it is! It would be nice if people were more interested in … Continue reading

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Help save the docks for public use

East London became the focus of the world’s attention this summer with the Olympics in Stratford.  Many people hoped that the inspiring spirit of the Olympics would long continue. It seems that for Newham council the future of sport isn’t … Continue reading

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What drives the world’s greatest living explorer?

I was up and out of bed early this morning (*cough*forasunday*cough*) because — of course — Sunday mornings means training with the Dragon Boat team. Yesterday, there had been a message that it was possible training would get cancelled today … Continue reading

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Sometimes fires don’t go out when you’re done playing with them

Adventuring has been quiet of late. For the entire month of October, I didn’t leave the country — and it seems strange that it has become normal for me to be packing up and flying out, dashing from one place … Continue reading

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The Strokes know when you drop your pace

On Sunday morning, the water in the Royal Albert Dock was calm and flat, and reflected the sky like a mirror. Sunday mornings in Docklands are unusually peaceful.  London City airport doesn’t begin operating until midday, and the only other … Continue reading

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5 days in Munich

Alternate blog post title: “Hamburger! Der Grundstein eines jeden nahrhaften Frühstücks!” On Wednesday night in Munich, I was sat outside in a movie-theatre-cum-restaurant.  All of the menu was film-themed, I chose a hamburger and because of my love for Pulp … Continue reading

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Chasing the Dragons

The Year of the Dragon is off to a strong start, with two training sessions now attended (and, most importantly, completed). I was slightly disappointed that after my first training meeting with the illustrious Thames Dragons I then had to … Continue reading

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The year of the dragon: a new adventure starts here

It seems that maybe a new adventure sometimes comes along when you’re not looking for one. Since before I even went to deepest, darkest Norway on my Arctic Adventure, I was thinking about what would be next.  The idea of … Continue reading

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