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5 days in Berlin

It’s a bright morning in Berlin. I’ve spent the night in a single room apartment on the 9th floor of a 18-storey tower block in east Germany. All around are tower blocks of a similar size and nature. The outside … Continue reading

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A chilly city suits a troubled soul

Landing in Berlin, it was almost as if I had never left London. London had been grey and cold when I left, and Berlin’s airport looked just the same. Even the snow could have been explained if you’d told me … Continue reading

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5 days in Munich

Alternate blog post title: “Hamburger! Der Grundstein eines jeden nahrhaften Frühstücks!” On Wednesday night in Munich, I was sat outside in a movie-theatre-cum-restaurant.  All of the menu was film-themed, I chose a hamburger and because of my love for Pulp … Continue reading

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