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Sometimes fires don’t go out when you’re done playing with them

Adventuring has been quiet of late. For the entire month of October, I didn’t leave the country — and it seems strange that it has become normal for me to be packing up and flying out, dashing from one place … Continue reading

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By Any Means Necessary (the adventure dream)

For some time, in my head I’ve an idea for an adventure. It’s been there, in some dark corner, getting kicked about occasionally like a half-deflated football.  I’ve been wondering about a trek covering the entire length, top to bottom, … Continue reading

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The Niagara Adventure

Niagara Falls is apparently the biggest tourist attraction in North America, and one of the world’s most popular honeymoon destinations.  We were in town for a friend’s wedding, where I had been asked to be best man.  Last year, when … Continue reading

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On Toronto (it rains down so damn hard in this city)

Toronto feels almost a little strange, in a way, because it feels so familiar. This is my third new city in the space of a about a month — though this isn’t a work trip, this is a real holiday.  … Continue reading

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5 days in Munich

Alternate blog post title: “Hamburger! Der Grundstein eines jeden nahrhaften Frühstücks!” On Wednesday night in Munich, I was sat outside in a movie-theatre-cum-restaurant.  All of the menu was film-themed, I chose a hamburger and because of my love for Pulp … Continue reading

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36 hours in Dublin

One of the things I enjoy about my job is that it feeds my passion for travel — and with travel comes my passions for writing and photography.  It might not be “adventure” like the Inca Trail was adventure, but … Continue reading

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Darlin’ won’t you come run away with me?

I’m late to the party with this song, and with Bob Evans in general.  I couldn’t even name you another song by the man — except that my MP3 player tells me that the Spider-Man theme from the 19070s cartoon … Continue reading

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New Adventure Needed!

“We were brought up on the Space Race, now they expect you to clean toiletsWhen you’ve seen how big the world is, how can you make do with this?” Pulp “Glory Days” With the Arctic Adventure truly over, and the … Continue reading

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DAY 6: Jotka – Gargia

From the notebook: “A fantastic day in the Arctic!  Surprisingly warm, clear skies and no wind — I couldn’t have asked for a better day to end the adventure on. The landscape today was so varied: across frozen lakes, with … Continue reading

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DAY 5: Mollisjokk – Jotka

From the notebook: “Thankfully a short day today — the wind was howling and blowing up snow.  Though, at first, it was on our backs this didn’t seem to last and soon the wind was side-on. The dogs love the … Continue reading

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