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Down in the Sand

Bells Beach in Point Samson doesn’t show up on Google maps. After several attempts to reach the beach that hit private roads or entrances to mine sites, I arrived at the sand of a pristine and deserted shore. Shortly after … Continue reading

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The Amazing Aussie Adventure: Hyden Seek

Ever seen a wave that’s 15m high and over 100m long? It was a long weekend in Western Australia for Anzac Day, so with a few friends I took a road trip to a town called Hyden — and to … Continue reading

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Traversing Costa Rica

I’ve been talking about a new “big” adventure for a while. It’s been more than three years since I was in the Arctic Circle, and while moving to Australia and completing the country’s highest urban abseil have kept me occupied, … Continue reading

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The Successful and the Passionate: An Interview with Therese Hansen

It seems to me that people who are passionate and successful in one area of their life are often just as passionate in other areas. In this interview series “The Successful and the Passionate” I will talk to some successful … Continue reading

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A chilly city suits a troubled soul

Landing in Berlin, it was almost as if I had never left London. London had been grey and cold when I left, and Berlin’s airport looked just the same. Even the snow could have been explained if you’d told me … Continue reading

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By Any Means Necessary (the adventure dream)

For some time, in my head I’ve an idea for an adventure. It’s been there, in some dark corner, getting kicked about occasionally like a half-deflated football.  I’ve been wondering about a trek covering the entire length, top to bottom, … Continue reading

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The Niagara Adventure

Niagara Falls is apparently the biggest tourist attraction in North America, and one of the world’s most popular honeymoon destinations.  We were in town for a friend’s wedding, where I had been asked to be best man.  Last year, when … Continue reading

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5 days in Munich

Alternate blog post title: “Hamburger! Der Grundstein eines jeden nahrhaften Frühstücks!” On Wednesday night in Munich, I was sat outside in a movie-theatre-cum-restaurant.  All of the menu was film-themed, I chose a hamburger and because of my love for Pulp … Continue reading

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